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     guangdong Sumida Automation Co.,Ltd was established in 2000, we have been committed to manufacturing industrial automation equipment essential for the implementation of components, control components, machine vision and other components and customer satisfaction with technical support, as well as provide first-class automation solutions.

    Key products include:

    YAMAHA Yamaha robot general agent

    YASKAWA Yaskawa six-axis industrial robot

    PANASONIC Panasonic FA Control Products, servo systems, image processing, sensors

    FAST FV-aligner positioning system and image processing software FVX

    SMC pneumatic components

    MORITEX Mo Lite light lens

    SENTECH first Turk industrial CCD camera

     Robot-Aligner independently developed robot vision positioning software, can be equipped with YAMAHA, ABB and other brands four, six-axis robots, with an arbitrary plane camera calibration, high-precision positioning and quickness.

    These products, especially industrial robots and machine vision products, auto parts, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, mobile phones, semiconductors, connectors, multimedia, LED, LCD, plastic molding, metal stamping and other industries have successfully applied, the main application the precise product positioning, high speed and precision repeated handling, dispensing, assembly, testing, packaging, grinding, patch, marking, stacking, locking, spraying and so on.

     Sales and service network:

     In the Pearl River Delta as the center of the radiation, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenyang, respectively, with branch offices or agents. We trained a good sales team and excellent technical support team, in time for customers to provide products and technical support.

    The main customer service over the years include:

    APPLE Apple

    FOXCONN Foxconn Technology Group

    BYD BYD Company Limited

    SUNTECH Suntech Power Co., Ltd.

    HAN'S LASER Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

    ATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    CANON Canon (China) Co., Ltd.

    FORYOU Huayang Group Co., Ltd.

    GREE Gree Group

    Midea Midea Group

    Our vision:

    China's industrial manufacturing sectors the industry leader in robotic applications, to become a public company listed stock.

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